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King’s Raid Game on PC: Journey & Battle Against Heroes

Get ready to jump into a new type of adventure, as the highly acclaimed strategy role-playing game King’s Raid is now available free on PC. Rally your friends and experience one of the epic Strategy RPG titles in a higher resolution and optimized controls for the PC. Collect and create your party of heroes and heroines for a journey unlike you have ever experienced before. So what are you waiting for? Click on the “Play for Free” button on your screen and enjoy some of the coolest features only King’s Raid PC can deliver.

Stunning Graphics for Free Play

King’s Raid features highly detailed characters, maps, and environments. Thanks to the powerful engine under its hood, players can experience astonishing visuals along with brilliant audio to provide just the right ambience for that immersive feels of the King’s Raid on PC. On top of that, King’s Raid also comes with a framerate of 60 fps complete with explosive, jaw-dropping visual effects. Experience AAA visuals, audio, and gameplay straight from your PC free of charge! Simply click on the “Play for Free” button on your screen today!




King’s Raid on PC: Immersive Narrative Play

King’s Raid on PC takes place in a fantasy world where humans, demons, angels, and other mythical creatures coexist. It is said that there was once a kingdom that rebelled against the ancient gods. As to the main narrative, that is everything for you to discover. Take note that each character you meet and collect throughout the game comes with their own unique story. That said, if you are looking for the ultimate Strategy RPG that will take you beyond the limits of your imagination, then, King’s Raid PC is a game that should be on your list.




A Diverse Roster of Characters & Heroes

King’s Raid features a diverse roster of characters just waiting for you to discover and collect. Choose from seven different hero types and build your ultimate team of heroes. Complete your collection with some of the fiercest Knights, Warriors, Assassins, Archer, Mechanics, Wizards, and Priests. Build up the skills of each character to maximize their proper form and potential. Become the ultimate collector of heroes and dominate the world of King’s Raid today at the comfort of your PC.




King’s Raid on PC: Strategy-Based Battleplan Guild System

King’s Raid features one of the most strategic battle systems in the category of SRPG. Immerse into some of the most intense edge-of-your-seat battles in a combination of tactics and ARPG elements. Dominate each encounter with specials and combos complete with an in-game animation sequence that will blow your mind. Experience a brilliant variety of magic and weapons in a highly detailed presentation.

In addition, compete against other players in King’s Raid and show off the power of your team and the effectiveness of your strategy straight from your PC. So what are you waiting for? If you are ready for some intense strategy-based combat, then hit the Play-for-Free button on your screen, follow the instructions, and experience King’s Raid on PC today completely free of charge!

Game Features

  • Show off your skills and play King's Raid in a real-time battle!
  • Compete and defeat the dragon with your friends online.
  • Go on a mystic adventure along with a great story line in King's Raid.
  • Get a chance to customize your own anime characters.
  • Join the arena and win against 13 million players across the globe!

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 Game Screenshot
 Game Screenshot

King’s Raid Game on PC: Journey & Battle Against Heroes