King’s Raid: What You Need to Know About Technomagic Kingdom Raid

The King’s Raid community has always loved the Technomagic Kingdom Raid event from last year thanks to its generous number of awesome loot and the existence of Siegfried. Now, the event is back by popular demand. If you’ve never participated in the raid of 2020, today is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Oh, and if you plan on playing King’s Raid, why not try playing it on PC?.


King's Raid Technomagic Kingdom Raid


What to Expect in the Technomagic Kingdom Raid

The biggest reason why people love Technomagic Raid is the exclusive Technomagic Gear. To obtain it, you will need to play any of the three raids: Galgoria, Ascalon, or Siegfried.

“So what? It’s just a gear.” Yes, it is. But take note that it is TM grade, meaning it is much higher than a T8. Get this gear, and you can plow through waves easily even at higher levels. What’s more, Technomagic Gear happens to have a unique growth system, making it a much different investment than any existing gear. You can also maximize the potential of your Hero thanks to the newly-added Additional Skill system, amplifying your Hero even further.

And also, everybody seemed to love Galgoria Ascalon and Siegfried after the amazing Technomagic PV they showcased. Who wouldn’t love it, right?

How to Obtain the Complete Technomagic Gear

Remember that there are three gear sets: namely Perseverance, Authority, and Hope. You can never find any of these except for this particular raid. Moreover, their level limit is so OP; at Lvl 91 alone, an attack can scale up to 28440 depending on your Hero and the weapon they use. Additionally, there are over seven parts for the gear: Armor, Secondary, Ring, Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, and Orb. As usual, finding them will take some time in the game. Moreover, every gear comes from the Knight, Warrior, Assassin, Archer, Mechanic, Wizard, and Priest.

Once your Hero hits Level 91, you can equip the Technomagic Gear on them. You may not be able to use Enchant Options for the gear, but you can equip Runes on it. And then, to make the whole set OP, you can add two more Additional Options for the gear. You can reforge them if you want.

Getting an “Unidentified” Technomagic Gear is very rare. In fact, the whole system for this is equivalent to a gacha pull. If you do manage to get a hold of an Unidentified gear, good luck on getting Reclaimed gear under an Unidentified state. If you do manage to get one, you can pretty much cheese your way to the later levels of the game.


King's Raid Technomagic Gear


Set Effects & Additional Skill System in the King’s Raid

Every gear you earn has strong set effects that can ultimately change the course of a battle. Every set specializes in Defense, Offense, or Utility, giving you a flexible plan on strategizing your next moves.

As for the Additional Skill System, every gear has one slot of this. This is the only gear with this system, which is a good enough reason to grind for it. Mix and match carefully because these additional skills may either turn your Hero OP or redundant. Moreover, these additional skills cannot be reforged too, remember that.

Additional Skills could be any of the following: single attack, AoE specialization, increased damage depending on health percentage, cooldown reductions, decreased damage intake, mana recovery, HP to Mana scaling, attack stacks per enemy death, faster attack speed, gradual healing, shield improvements, or preventing death.

Remember, you cannot equip or grow any unidentified gear. If you do want to know about it, your best bet is through Valance’s Workshop. Once they are finally identified, the blocked features of the gear will finally unlock. If you ever have crafting materials, you can use them to build a Technomagic Gear from Valance, but that takes a long while too. But hey, it beats having to rely solely on luck, right?

Finally, the last point is the Reclaimed gear. It has higher stats than a regular Technomagic Gear, and you can earn these through clearing the upper stages of the event raid. Alternatively, you can just go to the Technomagic Restoration in Valance’s Workshop. Just take note that if you do want to craft a reclaimed version instead, the chances are much smaller than regular Technomagic gear.

Now that you know some basic information about the Technomagic Kingdom Raid, make sure to play it on PC for a more immersive experience. If you want to know how to play King’s Raid on PC, you can also check out our playing guide.