King’s Raid on PC: The Thrilling Game Updates & Improvements

King’s Raid, as mentioned before, follows some of the basic rules in the free-to-play category, which means that the game is ever developing. This is the reason why the game continuously receives regular updates from the developer. Most of the regular updates the developers drop in the game are character balance adjustments, bug fixes, and improvements. Nevertheless, there are times when the game itself receives a huge content update that comes with new features, items, and even characters.


kings raid new version update


King’s Raid: The Rebellion Epilogue

there are several features that King’s Raid updated and improved not only on its gameplay but as a whole. The Version 4.3.0 X called the “Rebellion – Epilogue” included a new hero named Isolet. This new character belongs to the Wizard Class with a Physical Attack Type. Her skills are majorly bound with all the damage that your clan might be needing.



Moreover, most of her damage abilities come with the action of hitting the frontal enemies for seconds. This skill also enables her to reducing the attack targets of the opponent. With Isolet being a gray witch (also known as the executioner) of Pandora, she is undoubtedly an asset to the team. So, the next time that you’ll team up for a battle, one must have Isolet as a hero.

King’s Raid Gameplay Updates

On the other hand, King’s Raid did not only improve the gameplay by adding a hero into the battle. They also featured adding Halloween costumes and Technomagic Kingdom Chapter Epilogue or Path Theo in general. What’s more, King’s Raid on PC includes a jumping event and a new Webview Event that will eventually make all the players excited and play the game more. Of course, if you’re an avid fan and gamer at the same time, such events will help you to socialize and win more as you progress further.




Also, King’s Raid is currently in the middle of an event. It only means that a significant update made its way into the game recently. With that, gamers acquire a lot of stuff and things that can help them progress in the game. But don’t worry! If you only start playing the game right now, you can still let you have a chance of getting the free stuff and new content in the match.

Nevertheless, you need to hurry because the latest patch (4.3.0) is the epilogue of the main event. As the description implies, the main event will be ending soon. To that end, if you want a new and exciting take on the RPG genre, then, what are you waiting for? Click on the “Play for Free” button on your screen today to download King’s Raid on your PC. Don’t forget to share the game with your friends, family, and other RPG enthusiasts for a more fun experience.

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