King’s Raid on PC: Explore the Best Tips for Playing the Game Online

King’s Raid, for the most part, follows the basic rule in a free-to-play title which is to build up the player’s interest during the early levels of the game. For those new to the free-to-play category, the early stages of the game are the tutorial.

However, unlike paid titles, tutorials in free-to-play games often come with very generous rewards. Thus, our first advice is to enjoy the tutorial at all cost. Also, remember that the game will not be as generous as you advance further into the match. In other words, conserve your resources unless you want to buy in-game currency with your money. With that said, if you are looking for more tips, feel free to browse the list below.


kings raid game campaign


Tip No.1: Prioritize the Main Campaign

Assuming that you have just started your journey into the world of King’s Raid, one of the most important things to remember is not to engage in other game modes. As you may have noticed, the earlier levels in the game follow the primary campaign. As much as you want to explore the different gameplay modes, it is highly recommended to stick to the main campaign and finish each of the missions. If you’re going to advance faster, acquire unique items while getting stronger in the process. Otherwise, you can always buy your way to become powerful. But where’s the challenge in that?


kings raid resource management


Tip No.2: King’s Raid Resource Management

As mentioned before, King’s Raid showers you with resources during the early levels of the game. Also, if you play through the primary campaign, you will receive decent rewards. That said, you must manage your resources properly. The fact is that when you are done with the main campaign, the game will assume that you are ready for PVP, which means that you will face some of the strongest players on the battlefield. When you reach this point, you must already have a plan laid out for your team as this will provide you with a clear path on which character to improve.


kings raid fireball darkness


Tip No.3: Keep & Focus on Your Main Team

The third tip that we can provide you is to focus on a single team. As mentioned on the second tip, you must have a laid-out plan for your central team. Otherwise, you will end up with mid-range characters if you attempt to level-up each of the characters in your collection.

Well, that’s all for now. Remember that these are just the essential guides for you in playing the game. The success of your gameplay will still depend on your hand at each level. So, don’t wait for anything else and try the game now. If you want to see more of what the latest update offers of the game, you may want to check out here. Or you can download and install King’s Raid on your PC today.