King’s Raid: Lucikiel – The Incarnation of Destruction

If you’re looking for an anime role-playing game that is exciting to play, then try KING’s RAID. It’s an RPG that’s published by Vespa Inc. and provides amazing gameplay. It also has a good storyline and lots of other game modes for you to enjoy, including a player-vs-player mode. But like most RPG games, this is a character collection game. What this means is that a big portion of its mechanics is about trying to acquire powerful characters.

The game uses a gacha system for summoning heroes that you can use. And since character collecting is a major part of this game, new and more powerful heroes are always introduced. For this year, the new addition to be introduced in the game is Lucikiel Incarnation of Destruction. Let’s discuss all these things in this article.

Entering The King’s Raid Roster

One of the newest characters to be introduced in King’s Raid is Lucikiel, Incarnation of Destruction. He is one of the five Primal Demons and their purpose is to wreak destruction. He is also the father of Ezekiel and has been waiting for a worthy rival. It’s his sole reason for entering the Material World. Lucikiel is a wizard that deals magic damage. But despite being a magic user, Lucikiel is a melee character, which means he fights in close-combat range. As the Incarnation of Destruction, he possesses powerful skills and abilities. Let’s check them out in the next section.

Kings Raid Lucikiel

The Incarnation of Destruction’s Skills

Death Storm will attack the target and nearby enemies 3 times, dealing magic damage, while also leaving a Shadow of Death. This Shadow of Death will deal further magic damage while also reducing by 30% the target enemy’s Heal Rate for 10 seconds. When Annihilation Wave is used, Lucikiel will attack enemies in front of him twice. The first attack will stun the enemy for 3 seconds while dealing magic damage. The second attack hit targets in front of him with magic damage. After using the skill, it will change to Annihilation Surge.

Annihilation Surge is a more powerful version of Annihilation Wave. It will still attack enemies the same way as the Annihilation Wave. But this time, the first attack will stun the target for 5 seconds. The second attack will do the same thing. Once it’s used, it will change back to Annihilation Wave.

When you use Doomsday, Lucikiel will attack nearby enemies 9 times and deal magic damage. He’ll also draw targets in front of him. The skill’s final attack will knock down targets for 5 seconds, while also leaving Pain of Doom. Enemies afflicted with PoD will be more susceptible to magic damage. This skill lasts for 10 seconds.

Next is the Armor of the Demon God. This skill is not an attack skill. When activated, Lucikiel will have a 25% reduced damage taken. The duration of a crowd control effect is also reduced by 55%. He also creates the Authority of Demon God upon every skill use. This added effect will absorb damage for 6 seconds while also being immune to crowd control for its duration.

Kings Raid New Character

The Soul Weapon Skill of Lucikiel

This skill resonates with the soul of Ultimate Destruction, Barbatos Gigante. It creates the Authority of Demon God upon himself and deals magic damage to enemies within range. He will also inflict a 4-second stun against opponents. Once this is activated it remains for 10 seconds. During this state, Lucikiel can’t use other skills, but his attack speed increases by 400. All damage he takes is also reduced by 30% and the damage of his normal attack is increased by 2.

His normal attack will also ignore defense and deal 50% damage to the enemies near the target. He creates the Authority of Demon God if Lucikiel kills an enemy while his soul remains. This Authority also negates debuffs while dispelling buffs on enemies. It also increases the duration of the soul by 5 seconds and reduces its cooldown by 5 seconds. Lucikiel also gains crowd control immunity during the duration of the skill. The game also includes a set of unique gear for Lucikiel. They come in the form of one weapon and four treasures. The equipment is as follows:

  • Form of Ultimate Destruction, Barbatos Gigante (Unique Weapon)
  • Emblem of Destruction (Unique Treasure)
  • Dark Blue Leather Strap (Unique Treasure)
  • Horns of a Random Demon (Unique Treasure)
  • Blue Blood Earrings (Unique Treasure)



Final Thoughts on The Primal Demon

You can see from the skillset that Lucikiels is one powerful hero and he’s a formidable addition to your team. This is especially true if you don’t have a powerful character that deals magic damage. So if you have ways to summon him, it would be best to do so as early as possible. Lucikiel is only one of the game’s latest update. The developers continuously add new content to King’s Raid to keep players engaged. It’s one of the best free-to-play RPGs in the market. Try it out on PC, and enjoy a unique and thrilling adventure!